Welcome to Post Grad Projections

I have always looked at my future with a sort of cinematic lens. When I was thirteen, my daydreams consisted of visions of life in my 20s, which, looking back, I essentially thought was going to be a decade long Kate Hudson movie. My teenage self’s mental vision board for my twenties was decked out with a glamorous apartment with a skyline view, a wardrobe so vast I never had to repeat an outfit, and happy hours every single day (note: at age 13 I had no concept of budgets or liver health).

Rather than the fun romantic comedy I was hoping for when I was 13, my life right now at age 23 feels more like a coming of age movie that wouldn’t get a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It consists of living at home, scouring Linkedin for jobs, and smashing the “transfer to bank” button on Venmo every time a friend sends me $5 for paying for a domestic beer at our hometown’s bar. With this in mind, I’ve decided to watch (and, in some cases, rewatch) movies about people in their own post grad disillusionment. I’m doing this out of boredom, sure, but also to:

  1. Review the movies in terms of general quality
  2. Review the movies in terms of how relatable they are
  3. Maybe get some insight on my own post grad experience*

Thanks for reading my ramblings and enjoy as I attempt to find guidance for my quarter life crisis in the fictional stories of impossibly attractive people.

*Project my own insecurities and uncertainty about the future on these movies

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